New Cuttie Bears for Spring Time

These are soooo much fun!!!! and cute as a button!! Perfect as cupcake, cake or ice cream decoration.

Awesome for any kind of event, bridal showers, wedding favors, baby showers… or just as a plain healthy snack!!! They come in assorted sizes and shapes and you will get 48 of them

Made from imported Callebaut Belgian chocolate, an internationally recognized producer of chocolate. Callebaut is the reference standard for chocolate in the world of Belgian chocolate-making. Contrastingly, lower cost chocolate bars heavy in sugar with very little if no cocoa butter. They use fat replacement instead to bring down cost. Inferior chocolate feels ‘gritty’ on the tongue not smooth and creamy as you expect good chocolate to be.
Therefore these are the highest cocoa butter content (30% – 72%) with minimal refining. You’ll easilly tell the difference between lower cost ‘eating chocolate’ and premium ‘couveture chocolate’.

We think that fresh is best, so they are always made to order. (Please specify in notes to seller when purchasing otherwise we’ll make these dark chocolate)

Available in:
Dark, Milk, White or Strawberry chocolate, but we can color white chocolate to basically any color!!! Just let us know!!!


For all of you beloved followers, here is a discount coupon code for my etsy shop. Just enter SPRING15 at check out and you’ll get a 15% discount off your entire order (excludes shipping)
Can wait for spring!!! 🙂

Plus if you enter the word MUSTACHE on notes to seller, I’ll send you a free chocolate mustache 🙂
($1.50 value)