Popped Amaranth

Amaranth, Kiwicha, Ataco, Caraca… You may have heards some of these names, it’s all the same wonderful plant. Some say it is the most nutritional plant in the world! Super high in protein (17%, higher than wheat, rice, corn) calcium, folic acid, vitamin C, and it’s also celiac friendly. When toasted, the seeds, have even more protein. Also high in lysine, an essential amino acid,  double the amount found in wheat, triple the amount found in corn, and the same amount found in milk.


Although it’s flavor and texture when cooked may not appeal to everybody, I have to say that popped it’s simply delicious, super easy and quick to make. A fun pop corn substitute to make especially with kids, their faces are worth to be seen when the little grains turn into fun mini pop corn.

Simply take a small heavy bottomed pot with lid (of course, otherwise you’ll be wearing it, and it will be aaaaaaall over your kitchen 😉


Heat it pretty high (no oil needed) and then add about a tablespoon of seeds, move the pot so they are evenly distributed and cover with lid. In about 10-15 seconds they’ll be ready to eat. Repeat until you make desired amount. Feel free to sprinkle salt, sugar, grated cheese, or any topping you might like, or eat them plain, they are simply delicious and nutty. My favorite is popped amaranth drizzled with dark chocolate… Nom, nom.

popped amaranth



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