Weight your eggs cake

Last December my sister came to visit and she brought me a family heirloom recipe book (what’s left of it, that is…) that belonged to my Great Aunt Margarita. It doesn’t have a cover and some of the pages are missing, some are torn… but it really has lots of charm, I think, for an almost 100 year old book.

Great Aunt recipe book

It’s a little tricky though, I guess back then, cooking was more intuitive than what it is right now… we look for exact measurements, and temperatures and cooking times… this baby leaves a lot of that out, so I’m afraid I’m going to do a lot of experimenting… for example one recipe says: bake a cake anyway you want, (I go like… WHAT!!???) and substitute the flour for potato starch… Yezz!

Add a little bit of sugar here, a little bit of Jerez there… we are not that intuitive when it comes to cooking anymore I think… The temperature thing I can understand, cause back them probably the common oven was not electric and there was no temperature nob. Some other recipes say: melt 3 pieces of chocolate… what size? how much do they weight? Hello!!! So for my first try at this book I picked a pretty normal recipe although I was intrigued by what the results where going to be. It’s pretty simple but interesting. It asks you get three or four eggs, so when I first read that I went: here we goooo again… but to my liking it said to weigh them, yeap, weigh them with shell and everything, and whatever number you get, use the same of the rest of the ingredients. Intriguing right?

blueberry pound cake

I used grams to be more exact. This is what I used:

232 grams of eggs (4 of my hen’s eggs, 8.18 0z.)

232 grams of sugar

232 grams of melted and cooled butter

232 grams of all purpose flour

2 handful dried blueberries. It called for candied fruits (desired amount) but I didn’t have any, plus I like  blueberries a lot better.

Beat the eggs well then add the sugar. Since it didn’t call for baking powder or baking soda, I thought of giving it a good beat to create more bubbles and help it rise. Then incorporate the flour and at the end mix in the cooled butter and the blueberries.

I lined a 9 x 5 loaf pan with parchment paper and I baked it for almost an hour (55 min) in a 350F oven. Remove when toothpick comes out clean and cool in a cooling rack.

Blueberry pound cake

Pretty interesting right? I had the first piece with a lovely tropical fruity green tea.

Since to me it felt like a lot of sugar (in turned out just right, not overly sweet) I didn’t want to make the glaze recipe it called for, so I barely sprinkled it with powder sugar. Check it out 😉

Blueberry pound cake

Since my hens are laying eggs again (Yayyyy!) the cake turned out super yellow because of their corn diet. Pretty!

I was pleasantly surprised when I cut my first slice, this is what I got.

Blueberry pound cake

It came out very good, the minute I cut into it, I thought it would be perfect to cut in cubes (since it holds up its shape so well, very firm) and dip them in a chocolate fondue… Cake and chocolate… What’s not to like?

blueberry pound cake

It also reminded me of Nonni’s Addictables, have you seen them? they are these delicious crunchy thin crisps in a 100 calorie pack. I think that if I manage to cut it thin enough and bake it again I might get my own addictables… 😉

Give it a try.



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